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Danny Kievit, known affectionately as Snack Daddy, is an award-winning curator of culinary experiences.  Chef Danny is a multi-faceted chef with the toolbox to create something for everybody, from the simplest steak and potatoes to the most over-the-top 12 course omakase.  But cooking with Danny isn’t just about the incredible food, it’s an individually curated experience that will leave you smiling.  Danny has a passion for strengthening human connections through food.  


A born and raised Austinite with an insatiable desire to cook, Danny attended the Culinary Academy of Austin and trained in Austin hotspots Jeffery’s, Truluck’s Seafood, Castle Hill Café, Reeds Supper Club, and at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill before becoming a personal chef.  He was recently featured on a major streaming platform in a series that will come out later this year.  Chef Danny is also a regular guest chef at the Condé Nast Award Winning Lake Austin Spa Resort as a personal chef experience and as an instructional chef for their guests.


Highly sought after as an experiential creator for Austin’s elite and well-known world travelers, Chef Danny has created a team of accomplished chefs that have been vetted to create the experience and quality that his clients expect and deserve.  Every member of the “Leave it to Kievit” team knows the white-glove service and electric experience customers have come to expect.  


Contact Chef Danny for weddings, holidays, business dinners, family gathers, consultation, open house cooking demos, cocktail events, or catering.  He would love to take on you an culinary adventure, tantilze your taste buds and make magic on your special evening.


Thank you so much for your interest. Since I was very young, I have been infatuated with food, and not just the substance of it but the entire being of it.


Food to me is a gateway for memories and timeless connections.  It can allow a glimpse into the past or create a bond that becomes unbreakable.  Memories created and times remembered, food is a vehicle of love, and this is the reason that I cook. On my father’s side, my grandma is from the Philippines and my Grandpa is from the Netherlands. So, you could imagine what my dinner table would look like.  It would be an array of colors and aromas, which gave me so much pleasure. 


While all my friends were eating hot dogs and grilled cheeses, I was eating exciting and new foods. This expanded my palette and it taught me that meal time and cooking was about being together and sharing moments and experiences.  I remember watching my grandpa make bananas foster for the first time and how the flame would light up the room, I was in awe and I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to give people the feeling that I felt when I would have bananas foster with my grandpa, or the first time I ate my grandmas’ famous adobo.  I wanted to share the love. I look forward to hearing how I can be of service at your next moment of life and love and adventure.

Daniel Kievit

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